Our methodology is simple: we don’t make promises we can’t keep. We provide excellent communication, high-quality service, and impeccable follow through with every client. And we do all of this while still keeping our rates competitive.

JMJ Financial focuses on quality...never quantity. As a direct lender, we service every step of the loan process in house — from origination, property appraisals, to underwriting, to closing, to property appraisals, and more. This gives us the ability to stay on top of your application and allows for excellent communication with you throughout each step of the loan process. An answer to your question is only a few short steps down the hall!

With other lenders, your application may take a trip around the nation – going to the processing department, then across the country to the underwriter, and then making its way across town to the appraiser...and then finally back to your loan officer — only to find that it wasn’t approved due to something that wasn’t properly addressed in the application from the start.

JMJ Financial services every piece of the loan process directly — so your application is handled efficiently and thoroughly from the beginning. This gives us the flexibility and speed to meet your deadlines. We can reduce your loan and appraisal contingency to 7 days...

We can close your loan start to finish inside 14 days all with daily communication and interaction with your loan liaison and loan officer. Having a contract that can close quicker than other buyers can makes your offer look more attractive to the seller ...potentially moving you to the front of the line when a seller receives multiple offers.

So you may wonder how it is that we’re able to close so many loans...even after others have failed. We believe that by intricately knowing the ins and outs of our business, asking the right questions, and taking time to dig deep and understand your situation and needs, we’re able to work “smarter” than most “big box” lenders. When others give up or can’t find a solution, you can rest assured that we’ll keep digging until we exhaust every possibility. Remember...quality, not quantity. You’ll never be “just another number” at JMJ Financial.

Our name and reputation are important – it’s how we’ve successfully helped clients like you for more than two decades. We go the extra mile because your satisfaction is our priority!